Sunday, February 17, 2008

Day 78: The Killer Gnomes

Remind me the next time I start thinkin' that I'm seein' agrobiology gnomes following me to NOT shoot at them with my plasma rifle. The cap' damn near tore me a new one after I sobered up and realized what I'd been up to. Ya see... there seems to have been a little extra somethin'-somethin' in my snake whiskey. I have to admit that I do feel kick ass now that I know all those gnomes are dead. Their beady little eyes were followin' me around! I swear! So, yeah, I realize they probably weren't really there. Whatever. A good gnome is a dead gnome. That's what mom always says.

Another bonus of soberin' up completely? No more thinkin' that I can go outside the cargo bay door without a pressure suit. Nice. Stupid gnomes outside on the hull! They were tauntin' me, I tell ya.

I'm packing all my goods for the trip to camp tomorrow. A transport barge is supposedly pickin' me up at the crack of 'verse time. I've decided my old stun gun Marge out of retirement. See you guys tomorrow night.


jamais vu said...

Mmmhmm. You KNOW that chillin' wit da gnomies will getcha a really bad rash. Hope u had an immunity booster before u shot yer wad.. er.. PLASMA rifle.. everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jayne! Long time no update! Did you abandon this just like 90-day-Jane did? lol said...

gnome killa! we need to go travel back to the year 1985 and keep the gnomes from being born in the first place.