Sunday, February 10, 2008

Day 85: Can't Stop This Feeling Anymore?

For crying out loud, these PETA people are so lame, this is unbelievable. Stop sending me your gosh darn sappy emails, PETA! So what if Reavers are people? You don't think there's bad people out there that are hurtin' for a good killin'? What if I promise to only eat tofu -- will you let me spill some 哑巴 reaver blood then? Gaw, come on, people. I'm already done sharpening all my knifes and all my weapons and grenades are in their charging stations. Heck, I've even asked Zoe if she wouldn't mind washing my clothes for me. It bein' not my month for getting clothes washed, but I figured after the mess in my last post about figurin' out what to wear that I'd at least smell good when I did my killin'.

Here's a nice photo that I got off the comm grid from some of my buddies who'll be joining me on Day 0. Lookin' forward to it, fellas! This here's Marissa who's very handy with the flame thrower. This is the Reaver gear she's going to wear when the big day falls upon us. You're lookin' mighty scary Mar! A site to behold! I wanna squeeze you real hard and plant a kiss on your open sores.


Savage Henry said...

Jayne...Jayne. What would Mal say? He would tell you to stay away from Mrs. Reynolds and stay out of 90 Day Jane and 90 Day John's way. We're creating great art here, and Simon will be standing by to help.

I poop on the Battle of Serenity Valley, anyway.

DigiEngiSA said...

Man, that Reaver chick is an attention whore.

Jayne, would you kill a reaver with a fist in the face for me? Just shout, "This one is for Machismo!"
They'll know what's up then.

90 DAY JAYNE said...

You can't be expectin' me to remember to yell out somethin' that complicated in 80 some-odd days. In line with that thought, I yelled "This one is for Machismo!" when I ejected the ship's garbage chute this morning. Good enough.

Maj. Ownage said...

Aside from Marissa, will you be bringing Vera along with you? Don't let Mal stop you from bringing grenades. Remember what happened last time?

Lester said...

Just wanted to let you know that I am reading your blog.

(Don't stop)

Cadaver said...

You know, Jayne, this might be considered a great deed and someone might make a statue of you, maybe even name a town in your honor or something.