Thursday, February 7, 2008

Day 88: What am I going to do with the dead reaver's stuff?

I think I need to hit up the Container Store. It occurred to me that I'm gonna have a 粪便 pile of dead Reavers personal possesions once I get to the end of this 90 days. I was thinkin' maybe eBay would be a good idea, but I hate going through boxes of stuff that ain't mine. I'm not much of a hoarder, myself, so I'd be mighty surprised if I picked off anything from a dead Reave-head. I'm not saying that a nice Reaver hatchet won't make it into my bunk, but you can count me out as far as wanting any of their ugly garments. Come to think, how is it that these fellas are able to keep organized enough to where they can have uniforms to wear in the first place. It's like a band of crazy people somehow had enough sense to put together crazy people uniforms. So, whatever, I'm going with my first idea and selling whatever goods I get to prospects on eBay. Man, now that I'm thinking a bit more on the subject, I'm really mad that I can't leave feedback for sellers now. Geesh. Maybe I should do something about the morons at eBay before I start up with the Reavers.

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