Thursday, February 14, 2008

Day 81: Valentine's Date Preparation

Marissa's shuttle pod docked up with the ship early this morning for our Valentine's date. Below you'll see a photogram of the woman destined to receive certain services from my body. She's inspectin' her flame thrower collection for leaks. I would've offered to help but didn't on account of my bein' particularly lazy. Besides, I was too burned out from cleanin' my bunk and powerin' down chargin' stations and arrangin' flux grenades to where I wouldn't accidentally bump into them during the giving of the previously mentioned certain services from my body.

In a few days I'll post up video highlights of our date that are fit for viewin' for the general public and children folk. The rest of the video is goin' into a locked drawer for safe keepin' as I'm supposed to go to Reaver Killin' Trainin' camp next week thanks to the kind folks at Subspace Soldier of Fortune. Mmmm! Camp!

Well, I guess that's all. I'm ready to go where many men have gone before. My bunk is prepared, too, as I've sprayed enough of Kaylee's man perfume all over to where you can no longer smell the gun powder and rifle fluid. Nice.


John said...

That's a real impressive collection Marissa's got there, Jayne! I can see why you've taken a likin' to the lady. Good luck to ya on Valentine's Day, and good luck with the whole Reaver-killin' thing. Not that you need luck with that mag-discharge machine gun you're always hootin' about!

Anonymous said...

sorry, i'm new here...

1)what's a "reaver"?
2)is this the same fake-real BS that lonelygirl15 was ?