Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Day 90: The Decision

I'll figure this blogging thing out, okay, because if I can take apart a 4GH gamma gun in 20 seconds, I should be able to post something on this 见鬼 blogger thing. It's day 90 for crying out loud. No, wait, wait... it's T minus 90 days. Ah, whatever... day 90 it is. I'm writing about all the reavers I plan to kill when the cap gets the ship in drydock in a few months. How'd I get this idea, you might be askin'? I was with some friends and we were watching a repeat of the infamous Superbowl 2009. That's the one where the Manning boys get together and solve the mystery of the missing football jersey during halftime. Damn good game that one was. So, I was thinkin' that I needed my own adventurin' to keep me occupied. I've looked all over the 'verse for something similar to those bygone times. Meh, the next best thing was South Korean Secret Soccer. Those guys were crazy -- they'd use a steel ball and you'd have to shoot at it with an AK-47 to score. Very slick. So, right, right... losin' my focus again. I'm gonna kill me some Reavers in 90 days. That's the plan and there's nothin' you can do to talk me out of it! It's not a suicide mission, right? I'm coming back, dammit.